Keyword Trending   How often is your brand being mentioned on Twitter?
Trend the number of comments over time. Show Monthly, Weekly, Daily, and even Hourly trends. Compare data to Previous Day and 4 Weeks Prior.
Monitoring Brand Comments What are people saying about your brand?
Unlimited number of keywords can be tracked simultaneously. New Tweets pulled once every hour. The entire comment (all 140 characters) will be displayed in the reports.
Tweet Alerts Is there ever a spike (positive or negative) in brand-related terms?
SiteCatalyst Alert feature notifies via e-mail or mobile device when a keyword is mentioned [for example] 25% more this hour than last hour. Brand managers can be alerted instantly when there is a spike in Twitter comments. 
Monitoring Twitter Authors Who are the people most often mentioning your brand on Twitter?
See who is talking about your brand. Find brand advocates. Identify people who repeatedly bash your brand. Product Managers can identify virtual communities. Gather product feedback/suggestions.
Mining Important Product Keywords Are people talking about your products?
Mine specific product related keywords to evaluate community feedback on redesigns, marketing campaigns promotional offers, company performance, etc.
Tracking Multiple Brands Track all your brands in one reporting suite
Twitter comments are marked with a ‘Brand Category’, allowing groups of keywords to get rolled up to specific brand categories. Companies can easily monitor multiple brands in one Twitter Analytics reporting suite.
Measuring Your Brand’s ‘Buzz Value’ What is the influence of the authors who mentioning your brand?
Tracking the number of follower for each of the authors mentioning your brand, allows for the quantification of your company’s ‘buzz value’, by assigning a magnitude to each comment.


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