Omniture Report Suite  - Twitter Analytics is integrated into its own SiteCatalyst reporting suite

    Available Omniture Server Calls - each Tweet inserted into Omniture uses one (1) server call

    PHP5 - the script makes use of SimpleXMLElement to parse XML from Twitter

    Automation Service (optional) - the script that fetches comments from Twitter is most powerful when it’s ran in an automated fashion on an hourly basis, to best monitor trends of brand mentions on Twitter and update the SiteCatalyst reports in real time 



  1. Unzip contents of Zip file and copy to a location on your web server
  2. Customize plug-in by updating the included configuration file
  3. Test the plug-in by running getSearch.php
  4. Automate the script to run on an hourly basis (we use a simple Cron job that runs at 55 minutes past every hour)


You may get the latest version of the Twitter Analytics plug-in here –> Get the Latest Version

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